40’s Tips and Tricks
Gas masks and tin helmets are a bit extreme but a tea dress of the ‘40s is not that different to Top Shop 2012 on the above right. Blouses: short-sleeve, ‘pussy bow’,  Skirts: just below the knee, A-line or fitted with flare
Mary Jane or ‘Dolly’ bar shoes, lace-up brogues, peep toe slingbacks of the ‘40s have some lookalikes in Clarks for Mary Jane and M&Co for round tow bow.
Be less formal and more comfortable with  the “Land Girl” look:  in brown or khaki dungarees, short-sleeved blouses, wellies, and hair in headscarves, but of course, with plenty of red lipstick!
Make Up - black liquid eye-liner (Rimmel are doing a fail-safe gel liner at the moment), matt red lipstick (MAC’s Chilli red is a perfect shade)
Hair: pin up with combs or grips on both sides, gather into a chignon, or tie the whole lot into a pretty headscarf like a Land Girl or Munitions factory worker:
Gents: Hats  Homburg, Fedora, Boater, flat cap Coats: Bogart ‘Mac’, Covert Coats, “Kent” overcoats, Camelhair Jackets: double-breasted, medium lapel
Waistcoats: sleeveless pullovers Shirts: classic, but not button-down.Ties: old school and club, cravats
With the rest of his outfit so immaculate, Leslie Howard actually gets away with sandals and socks... (on location at RAF Ibsley, filming The First of the Few, 1941)
Trousers: wide-leg pleated with turn-ups or “cuffs” Shoes: brogues, “co-respondent”(two tone)
For youngsters
Teens or the evacuee look
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